Hi! My name is Abigail. I finished my mortal mission in a little spec of eternity you call July 2013.
Now I'm in the Spirit World and can help my family and friends (that's everyone) from this side of the veil. Some people get a little uneasy talking about "spirits" but I'm here to tell you we're not scary. My body died, but I'm still alive. My body was destroyed and really needed a break, but I'll have it again soon. You'll have to trust me on the issue of timing. It won't be long, promise.
A month before I came here, my mommy was holding me and I told her "I will keep you forever." It took her by surprise that I came up with that on my own, but I knew what I was saying. I reinforced it later a few times by telling her, "I will keep you forever in my world, " and "I will keep you forever in my life". I meant exactly what I said.
This little piece of world wide web is a place my mom can continue to write and record her feelings--her progress, I like to call it. I know it's helping a few of you, too.
Remember who you are--really are--and that many of us are excited to see you all again, too. Eternity is a very long time and I have to keep reminding my mom "I will keep you forever".

Friday, August 15, 2014

13 Months

Today's date is sticking out like a sore thumb this month.

I've thought about writing more often than I have been, but I feel like my writing and thoughts have either dried up or are the same as they always were and so there isn't very much new to share. Should I type more of the same "people hurt for a long time; please be understanding and patient; please don't judge; never thought it would be this way; so many reasons for growth and gratitude and joy and pain all together...."?

The only new feeling that I've recently come to discern and now identify is one of loneliness. I feel very lonely and disconnected from people. It isn't just the somewhat-recent move to Virginia, either, as I started feeling this way in Arizona. Somehow, being intensely lonely from Abigail's departure has affected how I feel around almost everyone else. I understand better the quote "it takes only one person to be absent, and the whole world is depopulated."

But I have some constants, and in that I find joy. My Father in Heaven always understands me, and not only that, He's constantly accessible! That is truly wonderful and I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of Him and our relationship.

I keep my loneliness tightly controlled so as to not get out of context--to not let it become an inward, selfish focus. So I am grateful for opportunities to serve and think of others; I often think of a quote that I learned as a little girl that I've never forgotten: "She who brings happiness into the lives of others cannot keep it from herself." And there are countless opportunities to serve and help others.

I'm grateful for my family. That doesn't need any more clarification. :)

Thank you for caring and reading today. I hope you will continue to pray for children fighting cancer and for their families who go through so much stress and distress. Prayers are so powerful.

Always, in FAITH.

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  1. Careful not to confuse feelings of loneliness with depression. Use your dietary know how to shield yourself. Take care my friend, and stay true to yourself.