Hi! My name is Abigail. I finished my mortal mission in a little spec of eternity you call July 2013.
Now I'm in the Spirit World and can help my family and friends (that's everyone) from this side of the veil. Some people get a little uneasy talking about "spirits" but I'm here to tell you we're not scary. My body died, but I'm still alive. My body was destroyed and really needed a break, but I'll have it again soon. You'll have to trust me on the issue of timing. It won't be long, promise.
A month before I came here, my mommy was holding me and I told her "I will keep you forever." It took her by surprise that I came up with that on my own, but I knew what I was saying. I reinforced it later a few times by telling her, "I will keep you forever in my world, " and "I will keep you forever in my life". I meant exactly what I said.
This little piece of world wide web is a place my mom can continue to write and record her feelings--her progress, I like to call it. I know it's helping a few of you, too.
Remember who you are--really are--and that many of us are excited to see you all again, too. Eternity is a very long time and I have to keep reminding my mom "I will keep you forever".

Monday, March 17, 2014

Eight Months....late

For two months in a row now, I haven't been 'captive' to the 15th of each month. I thought about the anniversary a few days before it happened, and on the day after. "Dat's good." It reminds me of the first Monday that I lived through where I didn't count "Today is the 11th week...or 24th week..." or whatever week it was. Time helps. It's not adequate on it's own, not by a long shot. But it helps. I am grateful for anything that helps; I'm grateful for time.

In a couple weeks we get to listen to the prophets of the Lord teach us and enlighten us. I love general conference. I am almost done reading the conference from last October, and want to share a quote from Elder Russell M. Nelson.

"The aging process is also a gift from God, as is death. The eventual death of your mortal body is essential to God's great plan of happiness. Why? Because death will allow your spirit to return home to Him. From an eternal perspective, death is only premature for those who are not prepared to meet God."

Everyday I pray to keep an eternal perspective. Getting mired down in the thick of thin things is not at all conducive to an eternal perspective, and yet every day we have to deal with thin things. But I have found that keeping my eyes on my eventual goal helps me recognize what is thin and what is important.

"It is a great source of spiritual power to live lives of integrity and righteousness and to keep our eyes on where we want to be in the eternities. Even if we can see this divine destination only with the eye of faith, it will help us to stay the course." (Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf)

Eight months is nothing. And yet it has been oh, so long. And it will continue to be oh, so long. And yet eternally, not long at all. Perspective.

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." Psalm 116:15. For saints, death is a homecoming. A welcome home. A party, I'm sure.


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  1. Oh I'm so excited for general conference! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with me! You are an incredible example of faith and love.